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Sean Schuster


Brief info

My name is Sean Schuster, and while I wish the story of how I became a Master Photographer in Fine Art shared the same beauty and inspiration as my photos themselves, it does not. I never dreamed of growing up to be a photographer, it was just something that was in my family from a young age. I enjoyed taking photos and the memories they held – I even bought myself a camera at an early age – but it was something I always considered a hobby, and it was certainly not a piece of equipment I carried regularly.

Projects by Sean Schuster

Arctic Frost | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

The cold and desolate atmosphere during this wintery day created a blanket of overwhelming serenity. The fresh snow acted as insulation  as I moved through an area I had never been before; I was unsure of the chosen direction but I had a steady sense…

Endless Dreams | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

On the coldest day of 2019, after several days of extreme weather, Victoria B.C. had just been blanketed completely by a record-breaking snowfall. I was quickly excited as adverse weather offers me the chance to snap phenomenal photos. Though I’d seen this pier many times…

The Guardian | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

Oahu, is one of the eight islands that make up the State of Hawaii, and its home to 75% of Hawaii’s culturally dense population. In Hawaii, you can expect to encounter those with Polynesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Filipino, and Chinese backgrounds to name only a…

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