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Phase One XF & IQ3 100MP
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ISO 50 | f/16 | 1.3s
Vancouver Island, BC

About This Piece

Nestled amidst a tapestry of vibrant greenery, Tranquility captures the beauty of a cascading waterfall. Its waters dance with an ethereal grace, breathing life into the surrounding wilderness. This serene oasis, concealed within the heart of nature’s embrace, whispers tales of perseverance and renewal. The hike up was no mere stroll; it demanded a labor of love, a trek through rugged terrain and untamed trails. Yet, every arduous step was rewarded by nature’s symphony. Here, amidst the emerald embrace, lies a nurse log, cradling a tender sapling in its weathered embrace. It’s a poignant reminder that amidst the slow cadence of time, nature steadfastly renews herself, birthing new life from the remnants of the old.

In the silent embrace of this waterfall, time seems to stand still, yet beneath its refreshing cascade, a vibrant cycle of rejuvenation unfolds. The nurse log, a testament to the resilience of the natural world, serves as a nurturing cradle for the sapling that sprouts forth, a symbol of hope and continuity. It speaks of the enduring spirit of nature, where every decay breathes life into the burgeoning greenery. As the waterfall’s crystal-clear waters cascade down the moss covered rocks, they carry with them the promise of new beginnings, of growth, and of the eternal dance of life. In this tranquil sanctuary, surrounded by lush foliage and the gentle roar of falling water, one can’t help but marvel at the profound beauty and resilience of the natural world, where even amidst the slowest of movements, life finds a way to flourish anew.


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24", 36", 48", 60", 72"


Acrylic Facemount, Black Onyx Floating, Black Onyx Stack, Silver Stack, Cigar Leaf, Dark Ash


No Linen, Black Linen, White Linen, Single Panel, Quatro




Trees, Waterfalls