The Window into Time

The Window into Time
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Fuji GX617
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ISO 50 | f//45 | 480s
Grand Canyon, AZ

About This Piece

The epic scale and beauty of the Grand Canyon immediately captivated me during my first visit; I knew this was a location I was going to have to visit on more than one occasion in order to capture its true beauty. It was on an epic 2017 photographic trip from Death Valley to Colorado that I decided to re-visit this remote iconic location again and try to capture a scene that I had found years prior. This lookout had a brilliant composition, almost as if it was a window into the canyon. However, having only previously seen it during the day, I was excited to witness what the sunset would bring! I quickly understood how the contrast and light dramatically changes in this seemingly alien environment, so I needed to be ready with my finger on the shutter when the light was just right. We arrived just before sunset, so I was in a race against time to get everything set up. Once everything was good to go, all I could do was stand there and take in the scene.

The thing that attracted me to this composition was the way that the rocks in the foreground framed the scene, almost as if you’re looking through a window into the canyon. I will be forever blown away by each individual layer in the canyon, and how colourful the red rock is. This area of the world is truly an artists dream.


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Acrylic Facemount, Black Onyx Floating, Black Onyx Stack, Silver Stack, Cigar Leaf, Dark Ash


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