Sacred Falls

Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography Canada | Sacred-Falls
Sacred Falls
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Canon 5D MK III
Camera Settings
ISO 100 | f/22 | 30s
Vancouver Island, BC

About This Piece

Navigating the course of life is much like standing at the bottom of a stream, uncertain of what lies ahead. The flow of the stream mirrors life’s unpredictability, where there could be vast emptiness or a breathtaking waterfall just around the corner. The key is to press forward and explore for yourself.

Embracing exploration and new experiences has allowed me to capture incredible scenes through my lens. As I await the sunrise, I reflect on life’s profound questions, realizing that my photography journey has been a discovery of self—uncovering my hopes, dreams, and unique perspective. Looking through the lens has taught me to experience emotions and see life differently, urging me to appreciate each moment before capturing it.

Photography, a powerful medium of communication, has shaped my “signature” style over time. My evolving work is evident in the way I approach composition, exposure, and post-processing. It has heightened my awareness of details, intensified my observation of light and color, and instilled patience to savor each moment.

Spending considerable time outdoors documenting Mother Nature’s force, I use the camera lens to tell her story. A photograph, devoid of context, takes on a unique meaning for each viewer. Take, for instance, an image that appears to be a humid rainforest but was, in reality, captured on a rainy day on Vancouver Island in Canada.

On that day, enveloped by rain and grey skies, I seized the opportunity to photograph waterfalls along the BC coast. Scouting the perfect spot the day before, I aimed for ideal lighting within the canyon, where the waterfall and rock formations harmonized. The resulting image captured the essence of ‘Sacred Falls,’ a waterfall on Vancouver Island, with mist, moss, and a serene atmosphere.

Nature, with its verdant moss and flowing water, provides a tranquil scene at ‘Sacred Falls.’ Moss-covered rocks add an earthy element, evoking the scent of lush greenery. Waterfalls symbolize prosperity, healing, and regeneration, considered sacred places in nature’s temple.

Small shifts in my approach greatly influence perspectives, emphasizing the importance of timing and location. Viewing the image later, I discovered details previously unnoticed, like two people expressing love at the top of the waterfall—a testament to the surprises Mother Nature unveils.

‘Sacred Falls’ is a reminder of the incredible wonders of the natural world. Time spent in nature, whether physically or through images, offers stress relief and inspiration. Nature provides everything essential for human thriving, from food and water to shelter and medicine. It is the cornerstone of our existence, reinforcing our economy and society.


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Acrylic Facemount, Black Onyx Floating, Black Onyx Stack, Cigar Leaf, Dark Ash


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