Mother Nature: A Mother’s Touch

Mother Nature: A Mother’s Touch
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Canon 7D
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ISO 100 | f/18 | 8s
Oregon, USA

About This Piece

In keeping with the song lyrics, “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to put flowers in your hair”, I’d suggest instead, if you’re driving to San Francisco…be sure you stop in central Oregon.

The beauty of Oregon is undeniable, with an enormously varied range of climates and some of the most postcard-worthy vistas. Oregon is rife with national parks, serene fields of grasses, and twisting waterways that spill into breathtaking waterfalls. The state boundaries move from a stunning shoreline to the more central Crater Lake to vast plains in the east. Oregon is any nature enthusiast’s dream!

Even with an abundance of choice, I felt frantic, searching for a scene to shoot as the setting sun was unstoppable. Offering incredible light, sunsets provide limited time as the sun moves below the horizon.

Driving through Oregon with my mom as we head towards San Francisco, I took advantage of the passing landscape to capture photos. Driving downhill towards a lake, I waited for something to jump out at me. Driving up the hill, I saw this scene out of the corner of my eye. With limited time, we quickly stopped. I rushed to set up my camera which left me just enough time to snap two images before the light faded and the impressive scene before me was erased for good.

I took time naming this image. Flowing water, moving clouds, transitioning sunsets, I named this image Mother Nature as the landscape looks like a painting, with no scene ever exactly alike. But also because my mom was standing next to me while I hurriedly shot this amazing scene. I love that the water in the distance comes up from the bottom right corner pulling your eye into the photo. In the far distance, you can just barely see three silhouetted volcanos.

Oregon’s landscape provides the opportunity for beautiful pictures. Meaningful to me was having my mom with me when I captured this shot. I’m thankful we were there together to photograph this beautiful image.


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Acrylic Facemount, Black Onyx Floating, Black Onyx Stack, Silver Stack, Cigar Leaf, Dark Ash


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Deserts, Oceans/Lakes, Trees