Little House on the Prairie

Idyllic farmstead nestled atop a gentle hill, bathed in the warm glow of a golden sunset. A quaint farmhouse stands against the colorful horizon, framed by the serene evening sky. In the foreground, a solitary hay bale adds rustic charm, capturing the essence of rural tranquility.
Little House on the Prairie
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Canon 7D
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ISO 100 | f/11 | 1/13s
Saskatchewan, Canada

About This Piece

Appearing somewhat whimsical, this small farmhouse marks the rare solitude offered to many who live in the grasslands of the prairies. The vast expanse of land, one neatly rolled hay bail, and tufted trees speak to the simple life one might expect to have here.

A big prairie sky and a house perched on a hill with a hay bale centre stage made for the perfect composition of this image. Just by happenstance, the sky seems to part allowing a single focused beam of sunlight to fall onto the roof of the little house beneath it, casting a shadow downward, stretching even beyond the edges of the photograph. Not necessarily manicured, the wildflowers are perfect in their own right. The clouds, delicate whisps, arch high in the sky overhead.

Taken mid-summer at the beginnings of sunset, I spent roughly two and a half hours capturing Little House on the Prairie. I reminisced of the farm life now and from decades past. I imagined children playing in this wide expanse of land. Although it’s easy for metropolitan city-dwellers to consider these times gone by, spots like these still exist in the quiet prairies of Canada.

Imagining a simple life like this one, it’s easy to overlook the work required to sustain a farm. Though rural, peaceful and quiet, daily chores likely included working the land, tending to animals, maintaining equipment and more. Providing an up-close-and personal opportunity though, farm children have the chance to watch animals grow, learn to cook with food grown on-site, and the chance to be safe roaming free while exploring their surroundings.

The Canadian Prairies stretch 2,000 kilometers across three provinces. Though rural, the prairies are home to some of Canada’s most populated cities. While metropolitan life exists, the farm lands of the prairies provide wide open spaces and big beautiful skies.

This landscape highlights the importance of family, hard work, simplicity, and relaxation.


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