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Camera Details
Phase One XF & IQ3 100MP
Camera Settings
ISO 50 | f/16 | 3s
Victoria, BC

About This Piece

It was on a crisp, damp, foggy morning that I found myself on this pier chasing a shot that I had imagined in my head. These conditions are my absolute favourite to shoot in as the fog lends itself to intimate scenes. I generally use it to eliminate visual elements that I don’t feel suit a scene, however, in this case it not only eliminated those unwanted things, but made this walkway feel like it goes on forever. 

As I stood here mesmerized by the way this location had been transformed, I couldn’t help but think about life. It made me question what lies ahead, how you never know what the future holds. Many people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line because they don’t realize it’s just around the next corner. Too often we focus on the fear of the unknown when we should find comfort in the uncertainty of what may lie ahead, knowing that everything we’ve done until this point has prepared us for where we are and whats to come. 

Once you surrender to this fact, and stop making decisions out of fear, your opportunities become limitless. 


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24", 36", 48", 60", 72"


Acrylic Facemount, Satin Black Stack w/ Black Linen, Satin Black Stack w/ White Linen, Dark Ash w/ Black Linen, Dark Ash w/ White Linen




Jettys, Oceans/Lakes