Home on the Range

Home on the Range
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Fuji GX617
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ISO 50 | f/45 | 60s
Alberta, Canada

About This Piece

Set on the prairie farmlands of Northern Alberta, this home housed european immigrants at the turn of the century. While other nearby homes of a similar age slowly crumbled, this one, for whatever reason, stood the test of time. Although currently uninhabited, the family who owns this house still lives and works the land surrounding it.

Here, the overgrown trees rise beyond the roofline, act like a protective fortress while marking the homes history. The farm equipment out front, while markedly aged, are relics having been set here decades ago, (and likely decades more to come). The crisp white curtains in each window appear pristine and untouched suggesting the family who lived here had pride in its ownership.

In the northern most parts of the world, extended sunsets are indicative of summer. For what seems like forever, the sun flirts with the horizon, providing near-perfect lighting for natural light photographers. Able to wait and fire the shutter at the perfect moment, a more selective and particular process takes place.

This image, taken late May just after 10 PM, is an array of rich and beautiful colours. The house with white accented windows, is sharply contrasted by the rich colour of the wood. The sky is a blend of colours – orange, dark blue, and purples reflecting the beginnings of evening and the end of sunset. Finally, the natural surrounding offers a diverse smattering of greens, with a pop of red provided by the farm equipment in the foreground.

I took this picture as I just love old buildings from the turn of the century, especially when they are in the prairies. When I saw this old ranch house I knew I had to capture all of its beauty. Walking up to it for the first time, I could quickly imagine life here. Standing on the front porch surveying my land, my wife inside cooking over a wood burning stove.  And, kids running around playing on the grass out front. This house is filled with incredible memories from the family who lived here. I hoped to capture a fraction of time with this amazing piece of history.


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48", 60", 72", 84", 96"


Acrylic Facemount, Black Onyx Floating, Black Onyx Stack, Silver Stack, Cigar Leaf, Dark Ash


No Linen, Black Linen, White Linen, Single Panel, Triptych


Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Prairies/Fields, Shacks, Trees