Endless Dreams

A mesmerizing long-exposure capture of Ross Bay, Victoria, BC, showcasing a captivating pier blanketed in lush green moss extending gracefully into the serene ocean. The ethereal effect of a long exposure imparts a fog-like appearance to the water, while clouds gracefully streak across the sky, adding a touch of dynamic movement to this captivating coastal landscape.
Endless Dreams
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Camera Details
Fuji GX617
Camera Settings
ISO 50 | f/45 | 90s
Vancouver Island, BC

About This Piece

In 2019’s coldest day, Victoria B.C. got a record snowfall. I love capturing extreme weather scenes. The stone pier, draped in moss, stands against the West Coast climate. Amidst mossy green, the pier vanishes, symbolizing limitless potential. Grey stone contrasts vividly with blue and purple clouds, a result of frosty weather.

Moss, often overlooked, thrives in this intricate ecosystem. Holding 20 times its weight, it served as historical insulation. Existing in damp, shady areas, moss reflects environmental cleanliness by avoiding polluted places.


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