Divided Shores

Mesmerizing sunrise over Jordan River Beach, Vancouver Island. The tranquil beachscape features the morning sun casting a warm glow, painting the sky with hues of purples, oranges, and yellows. The serene beauty of the beach is accentuated by the gentle waves of the ocean and the rugged rocks along the shore.
Divided Shores
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Fuji GX617
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ISO 50 | f/45 | 2S
Vancouver Island, BC

About This Piece

I’ve been known to get antsy as the sun begins to rise. It’s these rare morning moments, the very few minutes of near perfect lighting that lead to the most incredible photos. On this day, just ahead of sunrise, I was driving along the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I’d just spent some time shooting a waterfall near Sombrio Beach and had stopped to scan the shoreline for other compelling photos.

As I observed the coastline at low tide, I was struck by the stark image of the ‘Divided Shores’ in front of me. High and low tides are caused by the moon. The rotation and gravitational interaction between the Earth and the Moon cause this shift in water levels twice per day. I’d arrived just in time to take in the magnificent view. The blackened stones, exposed by low tide, were scattered like a perimeter dividing the active rolling ocean on the right, from the still and glassy water on the left.

Divided Shores triggered thoughts of life’s duality – like the Yin and the Yang. Two halves that forever chase something to make itself whole. Where we experience opposites like day and night, male and female, darkness and light, the water on each side of the blackened stones oppose each other.  One side is active and moving (the Yang); the other is inactive and still (the Yin).

The Yin and Yang of health and wellbeing include resiliency and adaptation. Similar to people, the creatures living amongst the rocks and the water must adapt to a forever changing environment. When the tide is out, there are significant changes in temperature, predators, food sources and salinity. Each creature must adapt to these variable conditions, leaving them resilient and resourceful no matter their circumstance.

In keeping with the ever-changing relationship between the Yin and the Yang, it was only a matter of minutes after taking this shot that the tide shifted and started to rise, submerging the stones, eliminating the Divided Shores, and leaving the bodies of water whole again.


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