Blue Crush

Captivating long exposure photograph showcasing the dynamic power of a crashing wave, adorned with mesmerizing hues of blue. The intentional motion blur vividly captures the relentless movement of the water, creating a visually striking and immersive experience.
Blue Crush
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Camera Details
Canon 5DsR
Camera Settings
ISO 50 | f/11 | 1/8s
Oahu, Hawaii

About This Piece

Friction, created slowly and subtly, between wind and water, creates ripples on the water’s surface. The ripples roll over one another, moving in small circles, helping to build the momentum which results in beautiful waves.

Blue Crush, like most waves, is the result of friction between the surface of the water and the strength of the wind. It’s the combination of this continual disturbance and the unavoidable pull of the sun and moon on earth that result in these wind-driven or surface-type waves.

Therapeutic in sight and sound, waves so often symbolize a sense of renewal – a chance for new beginnings. In this image, the wind is pushing the wave back. The spray is offering evidence of a struggle. Its effort is visual. The wave continually working to charge forward. As the wave moves into increasingly shallow water, the bottom of the wave decreases speed. Suddenly losing its momentum, the top of the wave collapses, spilling itself forward and it’s then that the wave starts to break.

Blue Crush reminds me that life’s obstacles are inevitable with positive momentum acting as our best defence. As I stood, contemplating this shot, I took time to reflect on just how far I’d be willing to go to realize my dreams. The consistency and persistence of water and waves parallel my own relentless efforts. Similar to waves forging ahead, I work to step beyond my comfort zone each day – getting closer and closer to the realization of my dreams.

Waves, while incredibly powerful, create a sense of calm and lightheartedness. With day to day challenges impacting everyone, a simple visit to the beach with the sound of thunderous waves surrounding you, often offers instantaneous perspective.

Images, even simple images, can draw you in for long periods. Staring and listening to the ocean allows for a state of mindfulness. This mild meditative-like state helps us to relax, instantly lowering stress levels. As our state-of-mind improves and our physical body starts to release tension, we often find our mood elevating, and, it’s then we have the ability to tap into a state of uninterrupted bliss.

Some photographers will say that a good photo is a motion-free photo. But motion (and motion blur) has its place in photography. Typically, when I shoot an image, the camera sits on the tripod and at times is even weighted down to remove any chance of movement. This technique gives me an image that is perfectly crisp and sharp. For this image though, I worked hard for the opposite effect. This time, I used the movement of the camera to my advantage – maintaining clarity in only one spot – the cresting wave.

When shooting waves, I want to capture the energy of the ocean and the feelings that we get when we are near water. By using the light, the surface of the water, and the action of the waves, I can catch that moment in time when multiple forces dance to create the perfect image. The water flicking backward (in the centre of the image) resembling a painters brush stroke, is my favourite part of this image.

Allow Blue Crush to remind you nothing is holding you back from the life you’ve always wanted. Push beyond your comfort zone and recreate yourself. Go back to shore and try again! Remember that some of the best things in life unfold as you open your mind to abundance.


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