Arctic Frost

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Arctic Frost
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Canon 5DsR
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ISO 100 | f/16 | 1/40s
British Columbia, Canada

About This Piece

The cold and desolate atmosphere during this wintery day created a blanket of overwhelming serenity. The fresh snow acted as insulation  as I moved through an area I had never been before; I was unsure of the chosen direction but I had a steady sense I was on the right track. Captured in the area of Moose Lake, BC, in a wilderness frequented by grizzly bears, wolves and moose; on this day I was surprised (and perhaps thankful) for their absence.

Having driven hundreds of kilometres in search of a shot like this, I was instantly engulfed by the peaceful stillness. Though snowy landscapes during winter are no doubt prevalent in British Columbia, a scene like this one isn’t as common as you may think.

The depth shown by the white frosted branches in the foreground with the fresh snowcapped trees in the background, results only from the ideal mix of fresh snow, optimal lighting, hidden wildlife, and cooperative weather.

My hope for this image was highlighting perfectly lined trees in the foreground which slowly faded into the forested background. Following my lengthy drive, I immediately recognized the opportunity and landscape I had been searching for. I quickly raced towards it knowing I was competing with the shifting light. I hauled out my gear and rushed to compose the image.

Frigid and cold I fired off only a few shots, quickly trying to determine the correct composition. I was racing against time to beat the possibility of muted light or worse, the sun burning away the very frost I worked so hard to find; to say this was challenging is an understatement.

I captured exactly what my mind had imagined. I knew a tranquil and powerful moment in time was found through my lens… I had finally found ‘Arctic Frost’



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