A Field of Dreams

Field of daffodils under a purple sky on Vancouver Island, British Columbia during sunset.
A Field of Dreams
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Camera Details
Fuji GX617
Camera Settings
ISO 100 | f/45 | 600s
Vancouver Island, BC

About This Piece

Finding a location that lends so much beauty sometimes creates an easy photographic process; the landscape does half the work for you! I was fortunate that a really good friend of mine pointed me towards this unbelievable field of daffodils. This particular place, however stunning and seemingly simplistic, didn’t just meet me ‘half-way’. The flowers seemed to go on forever, and I was instantly mesmerized by this location.

I was hoping to slow the shutter speed down and capture the light over a longer period of time as it transitioned into night. The only problem I had on my hands was that it was windy. I was focused on trying to find patches where the wind would die down enough so that the entire field of daffodils wasn’t blurry. Every time I would go to fire the shutter, the wind would pick up and the movement of the flowers was just too much. One hour turned into multiple hours of waiting. As the nightfall drew closer and just as I advanced the film to the last shot on the roll, just as I did that the wind died down to manageable and I was able to fire off one last, what felt like a lifetime, 600 second shot to close the night off.

The silver lining in all of this was that if everything went smoothly and I used one of my first photographs, the final shot wouldn’t have been this brilliant. It’s this perfect combination of persistence and frustration that keeps me coming back every time!


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