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  • Island Oasis | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Island Oasis

    The lush Hawaiian islands are home to some of the best beaches in the world. Millions of years of volcanic activity has delicately spread jagged volcanic rock across their sandy shorelines. I searched a bunch of beaches for one that had everything working in harmony.…
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  • Three Fan Tan Alley | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Three Fan Tan Alley

    Fan Tan Alley, Canada’s narrowest street, is nestled in the heart of Victoria in Canada’s oldest Chinatown. Established in 1858, this area offers visitors history that’s as rich as its modern cuisine. Welcoming immigrants during the gold rush, Fan Tan Alley was thriving during a…
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  • Canyon of Gold | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Canyon of Gold

    Considered one of the seven wonders of the natural world, the Grand Canyon meanders 277 miles (446 kilometres), stretches 18 miles wide (29 km), and has an astounding depth of 1,857 meters (6,093 feet). To add a bit of perspective, a driving between the North…
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  • Helmcken Falls | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Helmcken Falls

    Jolted awake by my alarm clock, I woke instantly inside my car to the initial stages of the sunrise. I intentionally arrived at Helmcken Falls in total darkness, hours before I would capture this shot. I had slept, waiting patiently, as I wanted to be…
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  • The Guardian | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    The Guardian

    Oahu, is one of the eight islands that make up the State of Hawaii, and its home to 75% of Hawaii’s culturally dense population. In Hawaii, you can expect to encounter those with Polynesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Filipino, and Chinese backgrounds to name only a…
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  • Hatley Castle | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Hatley in the Fog

    Limited Edition – Hatley in the Fog
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  • Siwash'd Rocks | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Siwash’d Rocks

    When I first saw this location I knew immediately that the tide needed to be out, in order to expose these amazing seaweed covered rocks in the foreground and give the scene some depth. On the day I took this image the tide was still…
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  • The Heart of China | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    The Heart of China

    In 2011, I was fortunate enough to explore a few of the most remote areas of China. Walking through Dali, this ancient walled city that dates back to the 14th century, I was struck by the dichotomy of the new and old intertwined within the…
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  • White Satin | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    White Satin

    It’s said that the motion of a waterfall fills your body with negative ions leaving you rich with energy and full of vitality. If you’ve stood near a waterfall, I think you’d agree that the powerful rumbling and the mist on your skin, offers you…
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  • VanCity Vintage | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    VanCity Vintage

    As lighting is the key to most great images, I spent six nights in Gastown – Vancouver, BC waiting for just perfect light. For this shot, I wanted, and ultimately received, dramatic skies and ambient street light. I love the lighting, in particular, the light…
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  • In the Shadows of the Ma'iitsoh | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    In The Shadows of The Ma’iitsoh

    Have you ever really wanted to go somewhere, but upon having the chance, time moves faster than you wanted? Antelope Canyon, depicted here, had me feeling this way. It’s one of those places that looks otherworldly and amazes those who visit, with it’s unbelievable formations…
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  • Island Dreaming | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Island Dreaming

    With a place in mythology and folklore, rainbows are both mystical and beautiful. Their existence, always fleeting, results from a union of light – a perfect harmonic amalgamation producing a symbol of supernatural beauty, promise and enlightenment. If you’ve never taken the time to count,…
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