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The First Flight

Unplanned and unexpected images are often my favourites, as is the case with ‘The First Flight’.

While working hard to capture an image of an island during an October trip to a tiny Canadian mining town, a float plane docked in the distance, quickly caught my eye. I knew, nearly instantly, the scene would be the makings of a beautiful picture.

Hoping to capture the dew on its wings and the serenity of the morning, I came back early and shot a handful of images. I was stunned by the changing colours of the leaves, the calm water mirroring the plane, and the soft glow from the beginnings of the sunrise.

Seaplanes can only take off and land on water with little or no wave action. And, similar to other aircrafts, struggle to perform in extreme weather. A perfect day for a flight, a pilot and passengers of this aircraft would have enjoyed nature’s fiery reds, golden yellows and vibrant oranges of fall.

The scene for ‘The First Flight’ conveyed the feelings from a cozy cabin morning – waking up, sipping your morning coffee while the fire crackles in the background, staring ahead towards the waiting plane in the distance.

You can hear the call of a loon and imagine a majestic bull moose walking along the lakeshore. The glacial lake is deep, dark, and pure, and it shimmers like glass with the breaking of the sun. There are miles of unimpeded forests and undiscovered places, and you feel as if you are alone with nature.

‘The First Flight’ was entered into one of the largest photographic competitions for panoramic photography, showcasing the work of photographers worldwide. This image was awarded the 2015 Bronze Award at the Epson International Pano Awards.

The First Flight
Starting At:$2898.00Limited Edition:75Shop NowSee More DetailsCamera DetailsCanon 5D Mk IIICamera SettingsISO 100 | f/16 | 0.8sLocation:Manitoba, CanadaShare

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