Prairie Gold

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Prairie Gold
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Camera Details
Fuji GX617 | Fuji Velvia
Camera Settings
ISO 50 | f/45 | 8s
Alberta, Canada

Mesmerized by the vivid and striking colours, this expansive landscape left me thinking of home. Having grown up in the prairies, the heat and dust of this late-season harvest made my experience uncomfortably comfortable. With its beauty often overlooked, the prairies offer seemingly endless plains, wide-open spaces and big, bold, beautiful skies.

I was attempting to navigate an impending storm while also keeping a steady eye on the upcoming sunset which I needed for this particular shot. I was looking to capture hay bales stretching as far as the eye can see – the contrast of the dried and golden hay against the lush and green fields created a paradox within the frame that translates to the final image. Organically composed and pulled from Earth’s soil, these scattered golden nuggets serve many purposes; shipped around the world and used to make animal fodder, feed for cattle, horses, goats, sheep and other livestock – hay bails throughout these parts are truly ‘Prairie Gold’.