Once in a Blue Moon

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Once in a Blue Moon
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Camera Details
Canon 5DsR
Camera Settings
ISO 100 | f/16 | 0.8s
Vancouver Island, BC

Shooting images here several times before, I always make a point of looking for Mount Baker, as it often sits prominently in the background from this vantage point. Mostly snow-capped, and always stunning, it takes only low-level clouds to make Baker disappear. To capture her beauty, I knew the conditions would have to be just right. I found it ironic after showing up in search of her, time and time again, it seemed it’d be only Once in a Blue Moon, I’d get lucky enough to shoot what I’d been looking for.

In anticipation of a full moon, I raced to capture this shot. Rising behind Mount Baker, leaving a crimson accent at her peak, the moon offered perfect lighting. Highlighting the dense forest in the foreground, the glass-like ocean, mountains, and gulf islands, this was certainly the most incredible moonrise I’d ever witnessed.