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Endless Dreams

On the coldest day of 2019, after several days of extreme weather, Victoria B.C. had just been blanketed completely by a record-breaking snowfall. I was quickly excited as adverse weather offers me the chance to snap phenomenal photos. Though I’d seen this pier many times before, I knew, in conditions like these, the result would be an incredible image.

The pier, constructed of stone, is enveloped in moss – a striking reminder of the West Coast climate. Pushing into an abyss, the pier disappears, a subtle reminder of one’s potential or limitless nature. The green from the moss and grey from the stone are contrasted sharply and impressively by blue and purple clouds – the result of the seasonal frosty and moist weather.

Moss, seemingly inert, contributes heavily to this surrounding and intricate ecosystem. With the ability to hold nearly 20 times its weight, it was historically used as insulation. Existing best where it is damp and shady, the plant leaves are only one cell thick. Speaking to airborne pollutants, moss will only grow in clean environments.

Endless Dreams
Starting At:$1798.00Limited Edition:90Complimentary Rendering:See it in Your HomeShop NowSee More DetailsCamera DetailsFuji GX617 | Fuji VelviaCamera SettingsISO 50 | f/45 | 90sLocation:Vancouver Island, BCShare

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