Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography Canada | The Valley of Giants

The Valley of Giants

When approaching certain geographical treasures like Monument Valley, it’s hard not to imagine what the first people would have felt when slowly walking towards the horizon; what were their thoughts when edging closer to the vast space of the Grand Canyon? What wonders were pondered when approaching the iconic rock formations of Monument Valley? To this day, these unique landscapes throughout the southern United States have drawn visitors from all over the globe, leaving all visitors in awe.

On an 8 day trip through the southwestern united states it was a brief but unforgettable stop in Monument Valley that provided me the opportunity to capture this image. Immediately upon arrival, I had numerous ideas running through my head; I was envisioning a number of different angles and perspectives that could be attempted. I wanted to be confident the light and angle was correct before leaving, knowing my time was limited and I may not have a chance to get back here for years! The clock was winding down, I quickly set up my equipment all while keeping an eye on the upcoming sunset. Just as I pulled the shutter for the shot, “The Valley of Giants” slowly slipped away into complete darkness.

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