An artwork by landscape photographer Sean Schuster titled "Summer Dreaming" displayed above a bed.

Summer Dreaming

I spent countless hours walking up and down this shoreline on the hunt for the right angle and perfect light for this shot. I know how breathtaking the sunset can be from this vantage point but it wasn’t until the sky was on fire that I was able to truly find this spot. Knowing the beauty I was witnessing in real time, I rushed to translate the landscape’s stunning attributes into a photograph… while finding a way to truly do it justice! With most photographers, there is an inexplicable feeling when you just know you’ve found the shot. The time it takes to capture certain scenes can lead to the hours and days of developing and editing. 

This scene was no different. As soon as the sky lit up I immediately knew this was going to be a sunset to remember. The West Coast of Canada is known for crazy rain storms, and if you can time it properly, the day the clouds break up is usually a guarantee for great sunsets/sunrises. One of the things I love about this image is the contrast between the temperate rainforest meeting the shoreline that wanders off into the distance, where bald eagles circle overhead & the sky erupts with it’s fiery textures, and the bustling metropolis of Vancouver that’s always propped over your shoulder out of sight and out of mind. My focus was only on the moment unfolding in front of me, happening right now, the end to another day and I am fortunate to witness another incredible West Coast sunset.


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