Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography Canada | Eternal Springs

Eternal Springs

Home to 25% of the world’s temperate rainforests, British Columbia is riddled with dense and strikingly beautiful vegetation. On a quest for an image with water and rich colours, I stumbled upon this stream in the springtime. I was instantly captivated by the lush greenery paired with this stream flowing softly over the rocks. Using specific techniques, I was thrilled to capture this stream in motion leaving all of its surroundings crisp and still. Streams like this one are paradoxical in a sense; while the water here is continually renewed with no droplet idle for any period of time, the vegetation and rock bed stay fixed in place. This landscape has likely been here for thousands of years, contributing to the lush density and slow decomposition resulting from BC’s climate and overall low light.

While shooting this image, I was overwhelmed with a sense of awe and invigoration. A feeling of calm exists as we immerse ourselves in nature and more specifically – as we get close to water. As the primary ingredient in supporting life, staring at the Eternal Springs, even now, leaves me mesmerized.

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