Sean Schuster's Autumn Mist displayed on the wall of a games room in a house

Autumn Mist

The colours each season brings provide remarkable photographic opportunities. I’ve had my eye on some iconic Autumn shots throughout southern Vancouver Island; there were numerous locations I had attempted particular shots but couldn’t find the correct light, symmetry and overall ambiance I had in mind. I have many goals when it comes to what I want the viewer to experience when looking at my work – one goal I’m consistently passionate about, is to have them completely immersed in the image and feel as if they can walk right into it. 

I had scouted this location years before and knew that it came with a number of obstacles, one being the fact I had to trek 2 kilometres up the river to get to this location! It was a cold morning, in the heart of Vancouver Island – an area I knew a shot was waiting for me. I was fortunate enough to have the correct equipment and perfect vantage point to capture this shot. The contrast of the bright orange, red, and yellow leaves with the earthy tones of the water’s reflection and surrounding flora creates a unique ambiance – this paired with a longer exposure was exactly I had envisioned.

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