Sean Schuster's artwork "Autumn Gold" proudly displayed above a bed as a 4 panel

Autumn Gold

The Island offers an abundance of incredible places to venture, giving locals and visitors an experience like no other. One of my personal favourites is Goldstream provincial park, a location that many will immediately recognize. Depending on the temperature and time of the year, the incredible landscape can easily make you feel like you’re in Hawaii! The combination of the Island’s humidity and the rainforest-like flora create an incredible experience for people who may have been strolling the downtown streets just 40 mins prior. 

I wanted to find a photo that would deliver the viewer to this location. I want the viewer to feel the cold mist and rejuvenating ambiance the flowing water brings when standing at this vantage point. Autumn brings a refreshing breeze and crisp, fresh morning air. On an early October morning I chose to take another crack this elusive image – I am always amazed by the overhanging trees which create a canopy over the remarkable waterfall flowing from the mountain ranges above. 

I consistently thought of if this spot while periodically visiting Goldstream throughout the years. Every photograph I captured was not precisely what I was looking for. The reality of fine art photography is that some shots could come easy with a little timing and luck – most shots come with dozens of attempts and plenty of trial and error. I did not mind revisiting Goldstream on so many occasions;  not only because of its calming nature but because its close proximity to town! 

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