Sean Schuster Award Winning Photographer

Sean Schuster
Fine Art photography

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Sean Schuster Award Winning Photographer

Nature Landscape Photography

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Sean Schuster Award Winning Photographer

Artistic photography

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Sean Schuster Award Winning Photographer

Breathtaking Visuals for your home

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Fine Art Photography

Sean Schuster

Since receiving a handful of international awards and a recent Master Photographer in Fine Art designation, I am focused more now than ever on finding what can only be described as ‘the perfect shot’. Combining my desire for landscape photography and travelling the world has been not only a wholesome self-discovery but also a dream come true.

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Showcasing a wide selection of landscape photography, Sean Schuster Gallery, in the heart of downtown Victoria, BC is guaranteed to transport you to different parts of the Vancouver Island and the world to unwind and relax. Whether you’re looking for that first artwork to make your house into a home or adding to your family’s collection, the Sean Schuster Gallery is showcasing a selection of luxury and fine art photography that will complete any interior.

The doors are open 7 days a week!

Alternatively, we’re excited to announce the option to view the Art Gallery in Victoria from wherever you may be! Take our Virtual Gallery Tour and familiarize yourself with these beautiful landscape images from the comfort of your home.

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Customer Testimonials

Magnificent. (Magnifico)

Maria J. Rome

Gorgeous photos – Colours are amazing!

Cool use of colour. You have patience man, 9 days for the ideal photo – Awesome!

Dean Campbell
Victoria, BC