Brian’s passion for the art world carried him through a fast paced career in the competitive art market. Following his graduation at UBC Okanagan he travelled the world for 9 years as an Art Director and Art Auctioneer helping thousands of people add to their family’s collection. After visiting over 50 countries and ending an exciting yet exhaustive position which required a lot of travel, Brian sought a new path in a city he’s always loved. Working and representing hundreds of artists, Brian understands what it takes for an artist to be internationally recognized – this is why working for Sean was immediately appealing. “Sean has all of the talent, skills, and tools to become a huge name in the Fine Art Photography global stage.” Brian and Gallery visitors are continuously amazed by the growth and vision of Sean’s photography. Collecting artwork can sometimes be an underestimated experience. Brian views this position as a privilege, a position which allows him to help people find images that will be in their homes for years to come; artwork that will be in a family’s collection for decades to come! “Life is short; we need to bring things into our lives that make us happy.” Brian is here to help find the image that speaks to you and answer any questions you may have.