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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are OPEN! We have made arrangements within the gallery to respect social distancing guidelines. Sign up for updates here.

    Yes. Most of our work is available for purchase. View our work here.

    Yes! Sean always keeps in mind that everyone has different spaces in the residence. Sean has options for smaller wall spaces in condos/apartments all the way to 15 foot sizes for lobbies in office buildings and large home foyers. Sean’s artworks range from 3 foot (36″) to 15 foot (180″) sizes. Ask for a complimentary rendering in order find the best fit for your residence or office.

    Yes! We will ship anywhere in the world. Prices and shipping times vary.

    We started gallery nights where we showcase a new Fine Art Photograph. It is very casual and cozy. Typically accompanied by some wine, cheese, snacks and fine atmosphere.Find out more by signing up for our newsletter here.

    We have many collectors who find Sean’s low edition size appealing. If you’re going to invest in an artwork that will surely enhance your space – it’s nice to know that you are among few who have that particular artwork. Sean’s artwork will elevate in price as the edition sells which means your artwork will increase in value as time goes on. In today’s fine art photography market, artists are known for creating edition sizes which are quite large – Sean’s edition sizes are no higher than 90!