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  • Blue Crush | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Blue Crush

    Friction, created slowly and subtly, between wind and water, creates ripples on the water’s surface. The ripples roll over one another, moving in small circles, helping to build the momentum which results in beautiful waves. Blue Crush, like most waves, is the result of friction…
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  • The Salt of The Earth | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    The Salt of The Earth

    Considered the lowest point in North America, this spot is nearly 300 feet below sea level. There isn’t any other place you could stand and be further from the Moon all while wondering if you are in fact standing on its surface. Badwater Basin, the…
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  • Legends of the Sea | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Legends of The Sea

    On a frigid, ice-cold January morning, I went out on a mission to take pictures of sailboats. I had been waiting for fog, in part because it not only helps to convey a sense of intimacy, it also paralleled the feeling of complete isolation that…
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  • Pink Rain | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Pink Rain

    I had found the location, the only thing left to do was wait for the right timing. The first night in this spot, the sky was gorgeous, the makings of the perfect photograph. Sadly though, I didn’t have the right equipment with me. And, not…
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  • The First Snow Falls | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    The First Snow-Falls

    On a visit to Nova Scotia, in Atlantic Canada, I set up my gear looking to capture this waterfall with its blackened background. As I stood there though, I was suddenly in the midst of the season’s first (and furious) snow-storm. In only a matter…
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  • The First Flight | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    The First Flight

    Unplanned and unexpected images are often my favourites, as is the case with ‘The First Flight’. While working hard to capture an image of an island during an October trip to a tiny Canadian mining town, a float plane docked in the distance, quickly caught…
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  • Divided Shores | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Divided Shores

    I’ve been known to get antsy as the sun begins to rise. It’s these rare morning moments, the very few minutes of near perfect lighting that lead to the most incredible photos. On this day, just ahead of sunrise, I was driving along the rugged…
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  • Stepping Stones | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Stepping Stones

    As I walked along a riverbed in the State of Washington, I felt summoned by the surroundings and drawn to this particular location. The rocks along the riverbed were smooth and rounded, having been worn by the abrasion of the water. The light refracting off…
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  • Mystic Falls | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Mystic Falls

    Calm and serene, I’m forever drawn to the tranquility of waterfalls. Though roaring and rumbling, loud and powerful, standing alongside any waterfall replaces feelings of chaos with a sense of calm. Here, the cascading water, easily overlooked as it’s shrouded by brush, captures the beauty…
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