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  • Island Dreaming | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Island Dreaming

    With a place in mythology and folklore, rainbows are both mystical and beautiful. Their existence, always fleeting, results from a union of light – a perfect harmonic amalgamation producing a symbol of supernatural beauty, promise and enlightenment. If you’ve never taken the time to count,…
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  • Home on the Range | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Home on the Range

    Set on the prairie farmlands of Northern Alberta, this home housed european immigrants at the turn of the century. While other nearby homes of a similar age slowly crumbled, this one, for whatever reason, stood the test of time. Although currently uninhabited, the family who…
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  • Solitude | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography


    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We value simple things because they do all the things we need easily and none of the things we don’t. Simplicity is harmonious.” – Leonardo Da Vinci – Da Vinci’s quote is one of my favourites, as it plays on…
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  • Sacred Falls | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Sacred Falls

    Standing at the bottom of a stream, you’re often left with little indication of what lies ahead. The movement of a stream, heavily dependent on the strength and direction of the water flow. Much like life, could be nothing for miles, or right around the…
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  • What Once Was | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    What Once Was

    Looking to capture a landscape that was enveloped in fog, I visited this small fishing village in British Columbia many times until it looked and felt just right. Reminiscent of a wild frontier, I was captivated by the eeriness of the fog and the extreme…
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  • The Hidden Gem | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    The Hidden Gem

    With the human body comprised of positive and negative ions, it’s not surprising that standing near a waterfall will leave you feeling replenished. Over-exposure to positive ions can affect our magnetic field and drain our energy, making us feel tired and lethargic. However, water in…
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  • Victorian Nights | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Victorian Nights

    For me, photography is both amazing and inspiring. Aside from continuously improving upon the technical aspects of the art itself, photography allowed me to discover myself in the process. Through my images, and those of other photographers, you’ll gain a sense of my perspective or…
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  • Morning Spirit | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Morning Spirit

    As I stood shivering behind my tripod at 8am on a beautiful East Coast December morning, my frozen fingers managed to capture this image. As any local will already be aware, winters on the East Coast are particularly brutal, so I was a little chilly…
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  • City of Colour | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    City of Colour

    City of Colour epitomizes patience and persistence. You see, I’d been in this location before, and I’d seen the perfect scene. Sadly though, I was without my photography gear. It was years and countless hours before I had the chance to capture this shot again.…
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  • Mother Nature - A Mother's Touch | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Mother Nature (A Mothers Touch)

    In keeping with the song lyrics, “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to put flowers in your hair”, I’d suggest instead, if you’re driving to San Francisco…be sure you stop in central Oregon. The beauty of Oregon is undeniable, with an enormously varied…
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  • Pacific Dreaming | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Pacific Dreaming

    Along the shores of Vancouver, I paced the beach looking for a breathtaking vantage point. The night before, I had found the perfect shot, but the rocks I was hoping to capture had been quickly submerged beneath the tide. Today, the tide, 40 minutes behind…
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  • Crimson | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography


    I have many fond memories of my younger years. Some of the best ones came from sailing a 21’ Clipper Marine on this lake with my good friend. To cherish the memories, I wanted to capture a shot as vivid as the memories I hold.…
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