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  • Fields of Fire | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Fields of Fire

    When I photographed ‘Fields of Fire’, it was a warm dry air kind of day. With the windows rolled down, I was driving down the backroads of the rolling Manitoban prairies. The roads were covered in loose gravel causing plumes of dust to billow out…
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  • Nobody's Home | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Nobody’s Home

    On a very early and chilly April morning, I drove past this farmhouse while driving to ‘Helmcken Falls’ in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. Large, old, and historical, I was curious. Signifying the Canadian dream for so many, I wondered how could something so…
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  • Siwash'd Rocks | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Siwash’d Rocks

    When I first saw this location I knew immediately that the tide needed to be out, in order to expose these amazing seaweed covered rocks in the foreground and give the scene some depth. On the day I took this image the tide was still…
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  • Serenity | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography


    Houseboats, jet skis, and powerboats, traverse Shuswap Lake throughout the summer. It’s 400 KM shoreline is dotted with sunseekers, enjoying the numerous beaches and docks. Found just beyond its shoreline though is what is truly meant by the license plate slogan ‘Beautiful British Columbia’. Here,…
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  • The Heart of China | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    The Heart of China

    In 2011, I was fortunate enough to explore a few of the most remote areas of China. Walking through Dali, this ancient walled city that dates back to the 14th century, I was struck by the dichotomy of the new and old intertwined within the…
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  • Sunset Boardwalk | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Sunset Boardwalk

    At first glance, you’ll likely notice the symmetry that drew me to this pier time and time again. The night I photographed this image, I returned here feeling unsure of what to expect. Though I arrived hoping to photograph the pier from the beach, the…
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  • Winter Wonderland | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Winter Wonderland

    Recently having finished an amazing audiobook by Robert Kiyosaki, I was inspired by one of his statements, ”Life pushes all of us around. Some give up. Others fight. A few learn the lesson and move on. They welcome life pushing them around. To these few…
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  • Rip Curl | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Rip Curl

    Perhaps best outlining my growth as a photographer, Rip Curl, taken on the Leeward Coast of Oahu, Hawaii, is the last image taken in this series of 35.  Using everything I’ve learned up to this point, this image, while seemingly simple in colour and content,…
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  • White Satin | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    White Satin

    It’s said that the motion of a waterfall fills your body with negative ions leaving you rich with energy and full of vitality. If you’ve stood near a waterfall, I think you’d agree that the powerful rumbling and the mist on your skin, offers you…
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  • VanCity Vintage | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    VanCity Vintage

    As lighting is the key to most great images, I spent six nights in Gastown – Vancouver, BC waiting for just perfect light. For this shot, I wanted, and ultimately received, dramatic skies and ambient street light. I love the lighting, in particular, the light…
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  • In the Shadows of the Ma'iitsoh | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    In The Shadows of The Ma’iitsoh

    Have you ever really wanted to go somewhere, but upon having the chance, time moves faster than you wanted? Antelope Canyon, depicted here, had me feeling this way. It’s one of those places that looks otherworldly and amazes those who visit, with it’s unbelievable formations…
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  • Little House on the Prairie | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Little House on the Prairie

    Appearing somewhat whimsical, this small farmhouse marks the rare solitude offered to many who live in the grasslands of the prairies. The vast expanse of land, one neatly rolled hay bail, and tufted trees speak to the simple life one might expect to have here.…
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