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  • Prairie Gold | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Prairie Gold

    Mesmerized by the vivid and striking colours, this expansive landscape left me thinking of home. Having grown up in the prairies, the heat and dust of this late-season harvest made my experience uncomfortably comfortable. With its beauty often overlooked, the prairies offer seemingly endless plains,…
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  • Stormy Nights | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Stormy Nights

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  • Arctic Frost | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Arctic Frost

    The cold and desolate atmosphere during this wintery day created a blanket of overwhelming serenity. The fresh snow acted as insulation  as I moved through an area I had never been before; I was unsure of the chosen direction but I had a steady sense…
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  • Endless Dreams | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Endless Dreams

    On the coldest day of 2019, after several days of extreme weather, Victoria B.C. had just been blanketed completely by a record-breaking snowfall. I was quickly excited as adverse weather offers me the chance to snap phenomenal photos. Though I’d seen this pier many times…
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  • Canyon of Gold | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Canyon of Gold

    Considered one of the seven wonders of the natural world, the Grand Canyon meanders 277 miles (446 kilometres), stretches 18 miles wide (29 km), and has an astounding depth of 1,857 meters (6,093 feet). To add a bit of perspective, a driving between the North…
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  • Helmcken Falls | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Helmcken Falls

    Jolted awake by my alarm clock, I woke instantly inside my car to the initial stages of the sunrise. I intentionally arrived at Helmcken Falls in total darkness, hours before I would capture this shot. I had slept, waiting patiently, as I wanted to be…
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  • Into the Light | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Into The Light

    One spring evening in May, I visited a number of lakes in the Northern parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan looking for an eye catching landscape to shoot. This particular location, as it turns out, happened to be around the corner from where I captured ‘The…
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  • The Guardian | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    The Guardian

    Oahu, is one of the eight islands that make up the State of Hawaii, and its home to 75% of Hawaii’s culturally dense population. In Hawaii, you can expect to encounter those with Polynesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Filipino, and Chinese backgrounds to name only a…
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  • Hatley Castle | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Hatley in the Fog

    Limited Edition – Hatley in the Fog
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  • The Big Book:35 | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    The Big Book: 35

    In anticipation of his 35th birthday Sean proudly releases his very first Big Book: 35 This book features Sean’s favourite 35 images. This is the coffee table book that you will want to keep on the TOP of the table and never put away. In…
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  • Fields of Fire | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Fields of Fire

    When I photographed ‘Fields of Fire’, it was a warm dry air kind of day. With the windows rolled down, I was driving down the backroads of the rolling Manitoban prairies. The roads were covered in loose gravel causing plumes of dust to billow out…
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  • Nobody's Home | Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography

    Nobody’s Home

    On a very early and chilly April morning, I drove past this farmhouse while driving to ‘Helmcken Falls’ in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. Large, old, and historical, I was curious. Signifying the Canadian dream for so many, I wondered how could something so…
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