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Meet Sean Schuster

My name is Sean Schuster, and while I wish the story of how I became a Master Photographer in Fine Art shared the same beauty and inspiration as my photos themselves, it does not. I never dreamed of growing up to be a photographer, it was just something that was in my family from a young age. I enjoyed taking photos and the memories they held – I even bought myself a camera at an early age – but it was something I always considered a hobby, and it was certainly not a piece of equipment I carried regularly.

Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography Victoria

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That all remained until I was in my late 20’s, when one night completely changed everything.

There’s something I loved in particular about panorama photos; the way they light up a room, the sheer beauty of being lost in the photo and feeling as if you were still in that exact moment and spot the photographer captured it. It’s a style of capture that encompasses landscape photography beautifully, and as a young boy who was obsessed with landscapes in particular, I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. Here I was, standing in front of a massive panorama image at a friends house, with travel on the brain, when I nonchalantly said out loud, “I could do that!” I could take a photo like that, and turn it into a piece of art that allows others to feel moved by nature.

Sean Schuster

A few days after my ‘epiphany’ the next thing I knew my gear had doubled and my camera became not only the first thing I packed, but also an important part of my life. I spent the next five years traveling across the country, slowly building my portfolio while becoming more and more consumed with my new career path. Having spent a lot of time in the prairies, one of my favourite things to capture is the vast contrast that makes up this beautiful country. As my photography got stronger, I knew I was going to have to go one step further if I was going to come full circle as an artist.

Producing the highest quality fine art print isn’t just about taking the picture, that part has become increasingly easier given the digital era we live in; it’s being able to process and edit them that take an eye for detail. Every detail has to be considered, which is why every collectors edition is hand built to ensure the best quality, and is also the reason I work very closely with my printer to ensure every image comes to life. I use only the best Fuji Flex Crystal Archival paper which is museum rated to withstand UV rays. From there every print is completely encapsulated between a high quality plexi glass and an aluminum backing, keeping your image safe from anything that can harm it.

Having made the choice to shoot primarily on film I quickly transitioned from relying on digital camera menus to obsessing over capturing light, and I feel this is where my inner artist comes out. It’s this uphill battle that keeps pushing me to perfect this skill. I am rewarded not only with the final results, but by looking back and realizing that each lesson I’ve learnt in front of the lens, has been put into action before I’ve even hit the shutter. After minutes, hours, or even entire days concentrating on one image, right down to the lighting and the mood, seeing the final print is just one of the many rewards as a photographer. So, did I always know I wanted to be a landscape photographer? The short answer to this is no, but it’s something that I couldn’t imagine spending my life without. I am enjoying every minute, every click, every lesson and every smile it brings to those who enjoy my work.

Since receiving a handful of international awards and a recent designation as a Master Photographer in Fine Art, I am focused more now than ever on finding what can only be described as ‘the perfect shot’. Getting to combine my desire for landscape photography and wanting to see the entire world has been not only a wholesome self-discovery but also my dream come true.

Please come and visit my Art Gallery in downtown Victoria located at 636 Fort Street where you can browse my collection of Fine Art Photography.

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