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Sean Schuster

Meet Sean Schuster

Raised on the prairies of Alberta, Sean Schuster is a self-taught, fine art and landscape photographer who is making waves in today’s competitive art market. Sean is well known for his vibrant panorama images from around the world. His imagery has received numerous international awards and is proudly showcased in homes and corporate settings garnering the attention of collectors from across the globe. Along with international awards, Sean has been designated the title of Master Photographer in Fine Art from Master Photographers International.

Story Behind the Artist

Life takes us on paths we never dreamed it could. While growing up, taking pictures turned into a passionate hobby as Sean learned the technical aspects of photography on digital equipment. However, it was only when Sean started using film that something clicked, and he hasn’t looked back since. 

As he explored the far reaches of the country Sean began noticing missed photo opportunities on every trip and his camera quickly became his constant travel companion. He spent the next five years traveling across Canada, slowly building his portfolio. Sean’s photographical journeys later took him to Southeast Asia, China, and across the United States. He continuously reflects on his past and future adventures, “There’s still more travelling to do! I have an ever-growing list of locations and countries that must be in my portfolio!”

Sean is always excited to meet and speak with new people, especially those who share his passion for beautiful images. Whether it’s passing ‘window shoppers’, aspiring photographers, or avid art collectors, Sean understands there’s a universal magnetism to the beauty that earth has provided. Stunning landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes surround us throughout our lives, Sean simply wants to capture that fleeting moment in time for others to enjoy for decades to come.  Whether you’re a long time collector, thinking about adding fine part photography to your collection for the first time, or merely curious he looks forward to discussing this passion with you.  

Inspiration Behind the Photographs

Sean draws inspiration from his surroundings wherever he goes – a quick glance while hiking, driving, or exploring “beckons investigation.” Having grown up in the foothills of southern Alberta, most of his younger years were spent exploring nature. It was a move to Vancouver Island in early 2008 that supercharged Sean’s passion for the beauty around him. Once arriving on the island, it was clear the opportunities for landscape photography were boundless.

Mastering both film and digital photography, Sean has always held a greater love for the panoramic style of photography shot on film. The decision to primarily shoot on film eliminated the need to stitch images, unlike those with digital cameras. Sean loves the idea of steering away from the instant gratification that comes with digital cameras to focusing more on the composition and light. –  “I feel this is where my inner artist comes out. It’s this uphill battle that keeps pushing me to perfect this skill.”

Award-Winning Photographer

A perfectionist when it comes to each shot, Sean will return to a location as many times as it takes to capture the image that aligns with his vision of that scene. His dedication to capture that perfect moment has led to multiple accolades for his work over the years. Some of his notable awards include a designation from MPI as a master photographer and several Epson Pano awards. You can view Sean’s full list of awards here.

Opening an Art Gallery in Victoria, BC

At the beginning of 2019 Sean opened his first art gallery located in the heart of downtown Victoria, BC. As one of Canada’s fastest growing landscape photographers he is quickly rounding the corner on almost half a million dollars in sales, while having the fortune of being recognized in a handful of magazines. 

High Quality Prints

Sean believes that producing the highest quality fine art print is not just about taking the photograph, the detail and labour of love come with the editing and processing of the image. Every detail must be considered, which is why every collector’s edition is hand built to ensure the highest quality of fine art photography in the art market. Sean works very closely with his team to ensure every image comes to life while being held to the highest standard. Each print uses Fuji Flex Crystal Archival paper which is museum rated to withstand UV rays. The light reflecting off this paper gives the illusion of backlighting. Every print is completely encapsulated between a museum grade acrylic and an aluminum backing, ensuring the longevity and preservation of each print. 

Visit Sean Schuster’s Art Gallery Victoria

Visit Sean Schuster’s Art Gallery Victoria

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